Day 249: Can Negative Events Be Blessings In Disguise?

Quiet a number of bad things or negative events that happen to us brings about mental resilience if viewed with the right attitude. Some of this bad things have turned out to good for us after all. Think about it. Some of my greatest lessons in life came from attempts that did not go so well.

It is very hard to view negative events in our lives as blessings in disguise. It’s hard to view a lost job, a break up or being bankrupt as a blessing or when your weight and diet is heading south.

Of course it is hard not to feel bad after something bad happens. However, once you process that it has happened, remind yourself that what you just lost will come around again in a different form.

You possibly needed to free up your resources to focus on more important things and thus a lost or failed business venture.

Every time something bad happens, try and find lessons in it and the new opportunities it presents. My suggestion is, start small, this way, you’ll have less significant negative events. This will give you experience to learn to handle bigger difficult events with calmness and dignity. You will have built mental resilience.

My anchor scriptures reckons that God will not allow temptations that I cannot withstand, even then, he will see me through if at all they come along my way. Be resilient!

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