I do not like thee , Doctor Fell, This reason I cannot tell; But this I know and know full well, I do not like thee Doctor Fell.

I know you have ever been on a lift and you’re made to share a small space, with strangers in this case. I have found myself and the behavior seem to the the same for many people. According to David Lewis, Our brain translate that space as potentially hostile situation that prompt us to withdraw into ourselves and avoid contact. No wonder you find yourself scrolling through your phone or gaze at the buttons hoping for a ding ding.

Within few seconds of meeting someone, we get a sense whether we like them, attracted to or are uncomfortable in their presence. No wonder this student wrote a letter to his professor, I do not like thee Doctor Fell. He couldn’t explain why he hate him.

It is an impulse designed to help us survive. With this info, we can be more deliberate, more conscious how we react and behave in such situations. We have to realize that us humans have evolved and our behavior now is more refined. We ought not to act impulsively which can be destructive.

Be decisive.