Suffering from cravings or desires you can’t let go? This article may come in handy. If you tell yourself that you are going to get something done in ten minutes satisfies your cravings for ten minutes. Your mind tells you, after all you’re going to get your reward, you just need to wait for ten minutes.

Surprisingly, after ten minutes you’re likely to forget the craving or it will have diminished to a level you are able to handle it. If it persists, you can tell yourself again that you will have it after ten minutes. You can repeat this until the urge is gone.

Note that this exercise work in both ways. Ten minutes before you give in to an urge or giving yourself ten minutes to do something before allowing yourself to stop.

Let’s say you have a challenging and urgent work to do and you want to quit or postpone. Tell yourself that you will only do it for ten minutes and quit. More often than not, you will continue. And if not, waiting for ten minutes before giving in to the temptation to stop, you will have exercised your willpower. This has worked so well for me. I am able to finish assignment because of dealing with the temptation to quit.