Day 242: How To Be On Top Always!

You set a goal, you now have achieved it, what next?

One of the downside of success is that when people achieve it, they quickly lose the drive that lend them to demonstrate determination to make their dreams come true. This, if not checked, can make you run a huge risk of losing the successes you have worked so hard to achieve.

To avoid such a risk, once you are done celebrating the success, be hungry for another goal that will make you pursue new challenges that will make you continue to grow. Set a new goal. Find a deeper meaning behind your actions. Discover a new itch to scratch, keep yourself always wanting to learn more.

This should not be equated to not being content with what you have. It is not constantly chasing the carrot, unsatisfied with what you have. It is about making your life larger, at the same time being appreciative and protective of what you have.

I am extremely grateful for my little successes, including blogging – because of that I keep pushing myself. I believe that it is through producing new content that I can reach more people and achieve new goal. Writing help me grow as a content producer, constantly trying to look for ways to take things to the next level. If, for some reason I stop writing, I will pursue another goal in a different area.

Do not get comfortable and be persuaded that new challenges are not important in your life, when there is nothing challenging you are striving to pursue, you risk losing your hard-earned achievements, habits and traits – and eventually the comfort you are enjoying.

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