I have shared majorly on being brave and taking action towards becoming more effective. From my own experience, I know courage is certainly something you will require in this life. I say this because you will encounter failure as a part of our living, it happens to us all – You’ll need courage to bounce back.

An empowering way to look at failure is to look at it as a sign that you are trying to surpass yourself. You cannot fail if you are doing something that is within your capabilities. You fail when you do something that is difficult for you, in order to grow. This means, if you are not failing, you probably are not stretching yourself enough.

If for time now you have not been failing, it is time to think bigger, not experiencing failure is a good sign you are setting your goals so low. Seek and establish more challenging goals.

There is a proverbial cliche, “Never give up.”, while it sounds mundane and over-used, it is very true. When you hold reasons why you have to succeed, you learn never to give up no matter what you find yourself going through.

If you encounter rejection, mockery and shaming. When you run out of resources and you get ignored, you just keep pushing forward. It does not matter how much progress you make, just a little every day makes a lot of sense. What matters is that you make some progress. Do not stop!