Whenever you encounter a set back, always seek to learn. Failure or any setback holds valuable feedback that can help us achieve our goals and be more effective. Unfortunately, many people lose the learning opportunity presented by attributing the failure to an external factor, such as a mere luck or corruption.

Instead of understanding reasons for the setback, we often assume we do not have control over the situation making us less likely to make necessary changes. This increases the risk of repeating the same mistakes over and over again. This stagnates us. The result is a downward spiral which render us unmotivated and frustrated to start anything new or to try again.

We blame the world and call it as unfair. We fail to hold ourselves responsible which make us miss opportunities to learn. I have learnt to always look for the cause of my failure into something I could have done and not something outside which I do not have control over. Do not get it wrong here, there are external factors that limit us, what I am concerned about mostly is our inability to learn through our experiences rendering us uneffective. Instead of being responsible, we turn blind eye to circumstances that hold opportunities for learning.

If you did not qualify for a job position you were hoping for, and they picked someone else, my suggestion is for you to think what you could have done better. Perhaps you could have worked and improved your curriculum vitae or asked better questions or simply should have prepared yourself better. If you focus on what you could improve on, you increase your chances of getting a new job or passing an interview next time an opportunity comes knocking.

Do not always blame external circumstances (what is commonly termed as external locus of control), often, look inside of you. Always ask yourself, What can I learn from this setback? What do I need to improve on to get better results? This is called internal locus of control. An action or inaction could have rendered you to fail in your attempts.

Look ahead. Look inside!