Day 235: How To Remain Trusted (and relevant)!

Congruent means in agreement or being in harmony. In mathematics, congruent means being identical in form or coinciding exactly when superimposed. In terms of behavior, being congruent means being consistent with your goals, your values, your attitudes and more importantly your actual behavior. In short, they way you think and feel should be the way you behave. You cannot preach water and take wine, no – Never!

If you potray self discipline as part of your identity, it means you are communicating to everyone around you how important this value is for you. Every action you take should be congruent with that decision – to be self-disciplined.

If you are not congruent, you are incongruous! You generate headache to yoursself and others! why, because you stay away from who you are, behave differently from how they feel and think. In short, you are indecisive and very dangerous. You are look warm!

Communicate your values. Let people know what you believe in and value, the beauty about it is, when others associate you with a certain positive trait or value, you will want to maintain it – you can’t just drop it off.

Remember that tough kid in school. When he/she fall and scrapes his/her knee, will he/she cry or will try to maintain congruency with the ‘public image’ and rub it off? The basic principle is the same even as an adult. We all want to be congruent, especially when dealing with other people and it is a positive thing to propagate.

Why do you need to be congruent? Congruent people evoke more trust from others. They do not put effort in pretending. They listen and do not fool themselves by a way of disguise. Choose to be congruent. Be trustworthy!

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