Day 231: Be Persistent! Defy Laxity.

You are energized about your goals, you feel optimistic about your business adventure and you are eager to start. As you start, fear and doubt crop in and energy to move on start dwindling. You start questioning yourself and your goals. You are not sure anymore!

When you encounter doubt, do not stop, press on. This sounds so obvious, right? Any person who is persistent will experience effectiveness than those who are less committed. This is a fact of life that often escapes most of us. In short, being persistent over a period of time will help you or lead you in meeting your goals.

If you are struggling with your goals, you feel lost in huge maze and it the attempt to find a way out you feel as though your goals are farfetched and you might never amount to something, remind yourself that, pressing on will eventually help you achieve your dreams. Understand that, in many cases, it is the only thing that separates those who win from those who lose.

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