Peter Bevelin wrote openly and candidly about Noah. He wrote, it took Noah 20 years to build an ark. And people said he was being silly because the skies were beautiful. And of course, the whole time, he looked stupid — until it started raining. You can spend a long time building an ark while everybody else is out there enjoying the sun.

That is hard truth! I hope you will not pass it on without pondering on it.

Every single effort by you to improve yourself will invite ridicule from people who do not care about personal improvement. It is very possible you will do alot of things without receiving a reward and you will start wondering if your efforts or goals make any sense.

Ask yourself this, it is worth to spend several years saving for your house and work so hard to build a business while others are partying and living life on the fast lane?

The process invites doubts and temptations to give up. Do not waste your time on meaningless pleasures. This meaningless pleasures will only lead you to a place where you will only have the short end of the stick 5,10 years from now. You will be uncompetitve and irrelevent. Hard truth again there! You will live worried about almost everything!

Anytime you feel weary, whenever you are in doubt, remind yourself that it is an ark you are building. And at some point, the rain will come. Maybe you are not enjoying yourself as much as others are or you would love but, in the grand scheme of things, it is better to be prepared, just like the scouts Motto says, “Always be prepared”. You better suffer a little now so you can prosper in the future. do not live in denial.

But why think of the future while the only thing i have is now? Proverbs 13:22: “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.”

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