Day 228: You Will Not Be Impeached

Life is too short, they say, and yes for people who are happy. It is however, horrifyingly very long for someone who is suffering.
Please do not gift this kind of anxiety to anyone, its so scary. It is so horrific!

I know people heal, yes they do, but you do not know how much time it takes. The pain in the chest, the over thinking, the silence and sleepless nights….It is terrible! Worse than death. Do not gift anyone this kind of pain.

Tough times will come by. Difficult moments will find their way to ours. We will feel disappointed and frustrated. Solutions will appear farfetched. The rough times will leave us weary. But they do not come to stay, they have come to pass.

It is very hot at midday and terribly hot during summer. Very cold during winter, but it only last a moment.

Even then, when you get served the plate, know that it will get better. You are resilient. You are strong and chosen, more importantly, you’re graced. Embrace it, remember who has your card. You will not be impeached.

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