Day 226: Who are You Sharpening? Who is Sharpening You. (Savara Mudigi Story (Sauti Sol))

The book of Proverbs if full of wisdom about how to conduct a Godly live. It teaches us to embrace one another, striving to help and promote one another. One such scriptures is in chapter 27 and verse 17 which tells us to sharpen each other: “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” 

Now, think of two iron rods rubbing on top of each other. Think about the friction. It must be uncomfortable. Think now about the sparks that get generated between the two rods. Although it is uncomfortable for the two rods to rub each other, what comes out of that, the result; is a flame that when fanned become a huge flame that cannot be contained.

It is very possible to forget our agenda here on earth, we forget that our job is to sharpen our brothers and sisters so that the flame in thei hearts continue to burn. In a way that it shall never be contained, and continues to burn.

Fear stops us from sharpening each other. We fear being judged wrongly, this makes it even more difficult to sharpen each other. Fear replaces the concern we ought to have over others, it keeps us from sharpening others.

I must confess it is hard to be someone that sharpen others, it is even more difficult to find someone to sharpen you. but after listening to an engage talk fetauring Savara Mudigi of Sauti Sol i deepley understand why it is important to sharpen others. It is rare to find men talking about how other men sharpened them. Feel free to listen in to below Engage forum video.

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