Day 220: A Folklore: Hyena And A Hare

You must have read if not heard a story or a folklore of hyena and hare. It is a famous story which I want to share just to remind you. On this story, I was torn in between condemning the hyena’s stupidity and the cunning sadistic nature of the hare. But it is said (and taught), every story has a villain and a hero. And it goes like this….

There was a drought in the land and the hare visited the hyena. The hare gave hyena ideas, the first, which was, let us eat your cows, after they are finished we can eat mine, the hyena quickly agreed since he saw it was quite a nice idea, he would eat more since rabbits cattle were more than his, they ate for weeks but the rabbit would secretly collect all the tails, and after a while hyena had no cows, not even a calf.

The hyena faced the rabbit and said now it’s your cattles turn, we have exhausted mine n it seems the drought will be with us for a while more, but the rabbit took the hyena to his shamba and told him look, I realized all my cows knew we have been eating yours and hid themselves in the ground

The hyena asked, so what shall we do?, we cannot starve to death, I see your cows tails all over, the rabbit said, a promise is a promise, we shall not die of hunger, so start pulling all the cows since they have not disappeared in fact pull them all by their tails, the hyena pulled the first tail and fell with it and the rabbit pretending in disbelief was shocked then all of a sudden complained and accused the hyena on the ground of letting the first cow dissappear by pulling hard and cutting off the tail, dissapointed and his countenance down, the hare suggested they just persevere and sleep hungry and come tomorrow for the second cow since according to their agreement they were to eat one a day

Time will reveal whether they both slept hungry, or whether the hyena survived the drought.

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