Day 217: The Reward Of Faith (Must Read)

Faith is choosing to believe. Faith is a choice.

It is choosing to act even when you do not know the outcome. It is choosing to act because you believe the outcome will be good. That the outcome of your action will propel you forward toward your goals. That it will make you learn new things. That it will also enlarge your perspectives and stretch your mind.

You make a choice. You can choose not to have faith. For me faith is conviction that my choices will yield my most desired results and so, I walk ahead with assurance. On one end, it is choosing to act even when I am not certain about the outcome; on the other end, it is acting because I know the results will be for my.

Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe


Sometime it is hard to feel sure. It is okay. It is very important that you know how to fight lies. Lies that your efforts are farfetched and may not yield so much. We all have enemies who have no good thoughts toward us and always keep pushing us down. They hold us down and do not want to see you rise; they make you doubt, do not listen to their lies.

Faith opens the door to a victorious life; it is a precious possession. Having understood that, what will be your bold move? A move that will silence the lies and that will actually help resist the arrows of the enemy. Just believe; it is not easy. When fear clouds your mind and faith is not coming easily, know that good stuff is never cheap either.

Enjoy the process; do not be preoccupied with the results. If you would stop and reflect, you would see how far you have come. Celebrate where you are today. Keep moving and keep celebrating little victories along the way.

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