Have you encountered a problem or a challenge? Someone called you out and you did not appreciate? I have something to share with you. You can view all these annoyances in two ways: as hurting and frustrating experiences or as exciting opportunities to practice your self-control.
Someone hit you and did not care to apologize, practice your self control by wishing them well.

Your sibling is conducting himself or herself in an appropriate manner and you feel it is too much to handle or even bear, consider this as an exercise to strengthen your mental toughness.

Your friend needs your help, unexpected bills pop up from nowhere and your boss give you so much work to do; do not wish you had so much resources, accept it as a challenge in improving your own capacity to offer help and improve your productivity so that you can get everything done in time despite challenges coming on your way from all directions.

So, take advantage of every single problem/challenge and view it as way to improve. You will strengthen your self control and mental resistance as you go about your day. Try practicing this from today. Your days will become better and more exciting. Ciao!!