Do you like thinking about your weaknesses? Who takes time to think about their flaws? Very few, I can bet on that. We hide our weaknesses, our mistakes and our failures. We do not admit that we have temptations we find hard overcoming. Instead, we only focus on our strengths, our successes which we proudly talk about.

Although displaying our weaknesses and flaws is not really the way to go, it is essential to shed light on your dark side and pick a weakness to address or work on. Pick a temptation that you would want to face and overcome.

Do not sabotage yourself by denying facts. You tell yourself that you do not have anything to worry about. This is a strategy to sabotage yourself. Do not ignore some of your weaknesses since doing so is losing on an opportunity to learn and overcome these weaknesses.

Take time and think about some of your weaknesses. Your temptations or your flaws. The ones that you ignore and those you do not admit that you possess. Ask your close friend what they think your main weakness is. Work on fixing it.

Have close friend tel you your weaknesses. Work on them.