Have you ever tried to start a business? Alternatively, have you ever tried to start a cause that you believe in? I imagine you might have. How did it go?

Myself, I have tried small businesses and I have tried to initiate a cause. It is very easy to delude yourself on making a lot of money in the first months when you start your business. Many businesses have failed, I am not insinuating yours will fail but out of my experience I want to share an insight on sustaining any plan you might be pursuing, your business or marriage included.

Anytime you think short-term, things will fall apart. The ideas is to look at your plan long haul. Do not start something that you are not sure whether you will be pursuing it five, ten or twenty years to come. Short-term focus is a killer of plans.

You will not go to gym and build that physique you admire in a week’s time; it will take time to achieve that. If you look at it with short-term focus, you will stop going to the gym, after all, it is not giving me the physique I want (mark you, you have been into that gym for a week!). You get demotivated and you quit. Learning takes time, reading each day for 10 years will make you an expert but will not in two months. Writing daily will certainly make you a better writer in five years but will not in five months.

Analyze you plans and look at how you approach them, short-term or long-term focus. Kill all short-term oriented plans and embrace all those that are long term, those that you are in for the long overhaul.

You need a lot of discipline to maintain long-term focus on all of your plans. This has helped me especially on writing my blog. It keeps me going even when the views are minimal and there is no much encouragement. I am building something; I have a long-term focus.