Have you realized that real connections are forged and built through shared weakness? Let’s agree first, in one way or other, we are all weak. It is easy to impress other people with our strengths and what we can do.

We humans connect in our common struggles. This is the only beauty of struggles. It connects us and help us build a character which generates hope and hope which doesn’t disappoint. It helps us heal from pain.

We may fight to be strong. Show our best while posting our selfies and well captioned images, never letting others see us when we are down, but when we get vulnerable and let people know our struggles and brokenness it allows us to bond and our bonds go deeper than we can imagine.

Psalm 51:17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; A broken and a contrite heart, O God, You will not despise

Persecution of Christians is attributed to the growth of Christianity to the levels we know it today. Today, some of the biggest enterprises are owned or run by women who, for long have struggled under a patriarchal culture. Their struggles brought them together and they have become a strong force in modern age. Marginalization united, emboldened and strengthened them, similarly, struggles and brokenness creates a bond among us humans that stand a test of time. A bond that helps us rise above our pain and let us experience freedom. Maybe we need to embrace brokenness and struggles.

The question we ought to ask ourselves is, are we willing to be vulnerable and admit our brokenness and share our struggles among ourselves; avoiding being judgemental and together embolden each other? Though this principle is true, it also behooves us to be careful and choose who we will express our brokenness to responsibly.