Walking along the streets and trails is great for your health. And so is walking up stairs. Between where I stay and where I pick the bus is a 10 minutes max walk. With time, I have come to appreciate walking the distance. Actually, I have identified another trail along the railway line – that takes 15 Minutes, the trail is more serene and has a stretch of trees, you can hear the birds sing.

I have, in the course of time learnt that, walking is not only a great exercise that almost everybody can engage in, but also a powerful way to awaken your creativity. It has a way of helping or boosting our problem-solving capability as well as recharge ourselves. You know the hustle and bustle of city streets and highways – they can be too much sometime!

My suggestion to each and very person, have 10 minutes walk daily, if not 15! Add this simple but deliberate exercise to your weekly schedule. A serene trail is better, where there is no much traffic and flow of people. If this is not achievable, the route to your place residence works just fine, just like I do – or to your place of work.

Sometime I have an intention in my mind as I walk, maybe to clear my head. Maybe I had a rough day with data or received news that bothered me. Sometime, I think about the problems I am struggling with and use that walking time to think of potential solutions. I pray silently. Sometime I put on some nice music or listen to podcasts I follow, maybe Seth’s or Brene’s. Sometime it is a scripture, that I will meditate upon. sometime, I do not have an intention – I just need a walk.

This exercise is simple, very simple that everyone can do it. Do not underestimate its potential in rejuvenating you body. It has potential to heal you. It accords you opportunities to recharge, to reflect and potentially be able to solve problems you are going through.

Let’s walk. Just 10 or 15 minutes a day.


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