Tim Ferriss wrote in his book, The Illusion of Money , “If only I had more money” is the easiest way to postpone the intense self-examination and decision-making necessary to create a life of enjoyment — now and not later.

What an awakening truth!
It is very easy to say that you do not have money and term that as the ultimate reason as to why you are not working on your goals.
I do not have money, so I will not start keeping fit because I cannot afford fitness gadgets.
I do not have money, so I will not start saving money because how can I save money if I do not have it?
I do not have money, so I will not start eating more healthily since healthy diet is too expensive…..and so on and so forth.

Can you become fit by simply having so much money? We have been made to think that we require expensive equipments for us to get fit – The marketing guys have done so well there. But I am a witness, you do not have to have all those expensive gears to be fit. I remember growing up we had weight that we lifted to build our bodies and it was made of buiding stones. I realized there is so much you can do indoors without expensive equipment per se, all sort of exercises come free on youtube.

When it comes to saving for a rainy day, are you really saying you are unable to save even fifty shillings a day, just to establish a new positive habit? Are you saying that your every single purchase you make is necessary and cannot be cut or reduced even by a small fraction?

Using money as the excuse is taking the easy way out and not willig to do the work. It is encouraging mental laziness rather than being pragmatic and look for solutions. You may feel okay when you do not need to make some effort but it will cost your future endeavors and will make you a victim.

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