Another day, I almost forgot I was to write, I have been reminded by Purity. Remember I promised myself and promised my readers an article every day this year, I want to keep my promises. Nothing really come easy. Not even committing to write down inspirations and life lessons daily.

Many are times we do not want people to pity us or get concerned about us and so we put on a brave face. Deep down in our hearts, we know we are not okay. We do not want to be accommodated, we desire and want to be okay. Many times it doesn’t happen.

Other times, we are not sure if we deserve the pity or concern. We do not feel as though we are worth it. We tend to think, people ought to think about other things but not us, worry about other things, and let us worry about ourselves.

This brings me to the point, is it okay not to be okay? I know it is okay not to be okay but I do not want to think about it. Maybe it is because I do not want to be okay, and I think that is okay. Maybe that is how life is. No one can be okay all the time.

We are human beings and not puppets or robots and that’s means we cannot just act on others’s emotions. Though feeling not okay for a prolonged time is not good for our mental health, a feeling of not being okay is okay.

We should not shy away from whatever we are feeling. Know what is making you feel not okay. Write them down. Do not give up on yourself. It is always dark before the dawn. If you want to cry, go ahead and cry out. Only that you do not use and abuse substances to hurt yourself.

And still on it, practice gratitude. In everything, be grateful – with prayer and supplication, let your needs be known. Do not rush anything, it is okay to take one step at a time. It is okay to have a quiet time – alone.

You feel like giving up, it is okay. Only that you do not give up.

It is okay to feel like not writing. It is not okay though not to write if you have promised to write.