One of the biggest and most common lie people tell themselves and tell others is, “I do not have time”. My experience and what I have come to conclude is that, it is never about lack of time, because (in most cases) it is basically you who control how you spend, and you can always forego one thing in favor of another.

When you tell yourself that you do not have time to spend your children or exercise or even call your friend means that nothing in your schedule is less important than your children, your health and your relationships. Think about this, with all due respect, I doubt that you do highly important things 24/7 and that there is not even one single activity in your routine you can eliminate and make time for your children, your health or your friends.

If you want to become effective, I highly recommend you eliminate the statement, “I do not have time” from your list of statements. Many people repeat it every time and it has become a convenient excuse.

When you find yourself using these statement, replace it with “is it my priority.” After that, consider what it means for you. If your children, your health and friendships are not your priority, then what is? If you too busy to read a book, what do you prioritize if all you do is spend your time watching movies.