The media does a super job of glamorizing small things the so called celebrities do. What one celebrity wore during a friend’s wedding or birthday party is useless information to say the least. But it sells, doesn’t it?

A time comes when you have to choose what’s meaningful as well as edifying in your life. A time comes when you have to stop some behaviors simply because you know better.

Apart from disregarding useless pieces of news and gossip, look below some of the other things I have stopped entertaining in my life.

  • I have stopped telling and sharing about me with everyone. Am careful about who I tell any single information about me.
  • I have fully stopped allowing my past to dictate how I lead my life and also stopped worrying about the future. The only thing I do is that I think about my future and only allow my past be a lesson for future engagement.
  • I have stopped arguing and have started apologizing or accepting whenever need be.
  • I have stopped being with myself all the time and have started sharing my time with people around me.
  • I have stopped looking and getting obsessed with those likes on my social pages like Facebook or Instagram.
  • I have stopped giving people who are always emitting negativity.
  • I have stopped purchasing items or things that I do not really need.

Many things that I have stopped, right? I can list many more, time limits me. For now, those are very key. What about you, what have you indicated a red light to?