A Swahili saying goes like this, chovya chovya humaliza buyu la asali. This literally means, if you have a full pot of honey and you keep scooping out small amounts, you will eventually finish or deplete the honey in the pot. The actual meaning of the proverb is, even the tiniest action usually has bad impacts when you do it continually, even in small portions.

Having said that, let me make this remark: We were not made for work only. It is important to celebrate life and what it offers especially for a job well done.

However, we also know that we were not made to constantly have fun and entertain ourselves all the time. Some distractions from our norm make life more pleasurable but at the same time a dragon could be hiding itself behind that innocent pleasure. This happens when we start developing a belief that there is nothing wrong with having some exceptions. With having another fun!

An exception now and then will not hurt (unless for the forbidden) but when you do it regularly, it is not an exception anymore, it has become a habit. That is how we end up taking fries when we said we would stop, we over spend when we declared we want to save. It has become a habit which will be hard to break as breaking a habit require a lot resources and discipline.

“Let me do it just one more time” will very fast convert into another and yet again another and before you notice, you have created a habit, a norm. Each time you catch yourself saying that I’m doing it for the last time, remember lives go down the drain one exception at a time as Pressfield puts it.