When you have a broken leg, the doctors will first immobilize your leg using a splint or a cast. Restricting the movement of the leg is the first step to healing. This is usually very painful process. When this is done, you will then use a clutch to keep the weight of the affected leg for eight week or even sometime longer.

Apart from drugs, another important step to healing is therapy. The cast or the splint will be removed and you will start rehabilitation exercises to reduce the stiffness with an intent to restore proper movement. This may take several months for complete healing.

Things may get more complicated if the fracture was extensive and you will be forced to undergo surgery and there is need to implant what doctors call internal fixation devices such as plates, rods and screws. This is to maintain proper position of bones during the healing. This is exactly what my friend Kiuru had to go through. Her fractures were extensive extending to thighbone after going through a crushing accident. The doctor said she required internal fixation devices such as plates and screws to start her healing journey. From her experience, it is very painful.

It is never a great experience. It never felt great. The pressure is high and the pain excruciating. Personally, I think about it and it draws chills all over my spine. The beauty is, after the experience, she is now okay undergoing therapy after the plates were removed recently. The pain she went through is worth it, because she is in the last bit to full recovery when she can walk perfectly.

What is my point, surgery is hurting, but as Kiuru would attest, it is good for our healing.

There are times God will take you through surgery, not with an intent to hurt you but make you to heal. Things get cut away from our lives, relationships get lost, secrets are exposed, all for our own good. But it hurts.

When going through the process, we cannot assume our surgeon is incompetent and is out to hurt us. We cannot live panicking and anxious wondering why we have to go through painful seasons. We can trust this great Physician!

Because we cannot see the future we do not know what is actually good for us. We make mistakes, say things that we ought not to have said and end up regretting, sometimes we miss what is important for us, we need a healer. A healer who can help us be brave and face any brokenness and pain we may encounter. God is our healer. Bear the pain, because it heals.