The year is slowly winding up easily completing the revolution and I am certainly sure you have put so much in to the year and you desire for an unspoiled moment when you can hush away.

Getting away from the norm and taking a break is probably the most desired or preferred way to relax and traveling is regarded as the most preferred way to relax and hush away.

Traveling can be expensive and you might be thinking getting away to celebrate and relax is out of your reach. However — if you know where to look — you can find some affordable end-of-year getaways that will not break your bank. No matter who you are, if you prioritize experiences over things, then you know what I am talking about.

This photo of Oloiden Camping Site is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Oloiden in Naivasha has been termed as the most serene escape ever. The location is fantastic, next to a lake and if you are looking for a piece of paradise away from the masses, everything leads you to Oloiden.

They have the following amenities:

  • Restaurant and Bar with outdoor verandah.
  • Double & Single tents + mattresses for hire.
  • Hot showers and clean flushing toilets.
  • Parking free
  • Bonfire free for campers
  • Grill for hire available on request
  • Fire wood for bonfire available on request

Royal Vacations have organized a two-day trip that will culminate to camping at Oloiden, but before heading there, they want you to experience the hot spa at Olkaria geothermal hot spa, The hot water is because of hot steam that cools in the collecting pipes and is collected from the various wells within the plant and emptied into the pool.

KenGen has established a Geothermal Health Spa and Demonstration Centre. This Centre displays direct use applications such as hot/ warm water bathing for balneological effects, sauna and steam bathing among others

According to KenGen website, The Geothermal Spa offers a bouquet of adventure, spice comfort, luxury, and true Africa hospitality. Whether you are seeking a business venue, adventure or that elusive African getaway, we will cater for your need.

Do not be left out, join the wagon, meet new people and build an experience that will be memorable.