The great setting and impressive view of the Aberdare ranges from Kereita Forest is an impeccable sundowner instance for you as you wind up your day. Become part of this month crew that will be going to Kereita forest to experience adrenaline rush as well as creating memories. Royal vacations continue to organize superb weekend getaways promising you a fun filled weekend away from the husle in the city. See below last month Longonot trek in pictures!

This month adventure is happening at Kereita Forest, 60 Kms away from Nairobi City, the main attraction is Zip lining which is offered by Flying Fox.  I assumed Zip lining is a plug and play kind of affair but it turns out that you require some training on how to go about it, actually you sign a waiver. Of course, a trained professional explains risks involved and how a wrong calculated move can cost your life.

The main experience offered at Kereita are zip lining, archery, paint balling, fishing, tree planting, biking & hiking. You have a variety to choose, I am sure you will go for those you probably have not experienced like Archery and Zip lining. Let me explain what zip lining is all about simply because, around here it is relatively new recreational activity compared to the rest.

What is zipline?

Zip line is a recreational activity that has evolved over time from a quick mode of transportation, to a scientific research tool, to now, an eco-tourism phenomenon. Ancient indication reveals that ziplines were used in the Himalayas and Alps for various reasons including transport. People living in these regions would hang ziplines to use for crisscrossing unsafe areas. They also used ziplines to receive or send foods from one habitation to another. Ziplines in these areas were used as a substitute transportation method to bridges since they were much quicker. Bridges and efficient modes of transportation like air have replaced ziplines.

Today, ziplines are essentially used for recreation purposes such as eco-tours. One is able to explore the beauty of forests, islands and water bodies. A zipline is a cable suspended above an incline or a slope to which a crank and yoke is attached for a rider. This slope of a zipline allows the rider to be drawn by gravity along the line. The person is driven by gravity from the top to the bottom of the slope holding on to the cable.

My first encounter with zip lining is at Rapids Camp, which is one of the earliest and let me say fastest growing camp that is offering great water adventures like Kayaking, Plunge and Waterfall challenge. Very spectacular. Lately, Kereita forest has become more attractive, possibly because of its proximity from Nairobi. The zipline experience is magical across the green forest!

Why you should try Zip lining

Zip lining is a new type of recreational sports activity in which the individuals experience the excitement of rocketing through the sky in the fresh air of the forest with their family, friends, and other loved ones.

Zipline is a very cheap affair that does not require costly gears or the training and instruction is very simple requiring less than 10 minutes of practice for everyone to enjoy Zip Lining. Moreover, as I had mentioned earlier, there is help from experienced guides. Everyone can enjoy this activity and have fun zipping.

After all is said and done, enjoy your preferred drinks at the restaurant as you unwind from a marvelous fun-packed day at The Kereita Forest.

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