Long-distance treks open up a completely novel realm of terrain and lift your sense of accomplishment.

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The exquisiteness of hikes is ability to build new friendships. You build new acquaintances probably whom you share interests. When you hike or climb mountains in groups, you often enjoy great conversations with the people hiking with you. At different points of the hike, you can talk, learn, and squeeze a little morsel from everyone. The finest part about it is that even if the exchange is not about your favorite topic or interest, you can still enjoy the exercise, beautiful scenery and everything else about the great outdoors.

Did you miss Ngare Ndare hike in Nanyuki? If you did not make it, to be sincere you missed a great experience as you can see below. However, do not be troubled, Royal Vacations recreate experiences in different great locations such that you do not miss a thing anytime you want to get away.  

Hike Mt. Longonot is a one-day tour from Nairobi through the bravura Great Rift Valley to the Longonot crater by Royal vacations. Each month, Royal Vacations organize a getaway with you in mind, (Please like their Facebook page to keep updated). Longonot is yet another amazing place to go for hiking and often described as a perfect weekend getaway.  The park is 60km away from Nairobi CBD. The drive to the Longonot is fascinating and its splendor of exciting views and landscape makes the ride to and through the mountain a breathtaking endeavor

What makes this place unique?

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Mount Longonot is nearly above 2700m above the sea level and 750m tall from the floor of the rift valley. The mountain is an inactive volcano with a crater whose circular rim measures about 7.5 Km and 1km diameter. A unique feature is the thick forest that lies within the crater of the mountain. Allegation is made that Mount Longonot erupted in 1863 and so far has been classified as a dormant volcano. It overlooks Lake Naivasha with its stunning landscape. The mountain has lava canyons flowing on the steep sides, lovely to look at. The vacationers are afforded an almost 5hr fascinating, adventurous and an inspirational hike that climax in to one of the greatest exciting view in the country. If you love sceneries, this one affords you a great experience that you probably do not want to miss in your lifetime.

Enjoying the company of fellow trekkers, you can set your own pace as you climb the volcano, walk around the crater rim, and have a wonderful view of mother earth niceties, you may spot some Buffalos, Gazelles, Impala and giraffe in the thicket that is if you are lucky.

Credit: Kws

Mount Longonot Day Trip hiking package includes,

  • Transport to and from Nairobi in an high-class van
  • Entry park fee to the park
  • An expert guide
  • Meals and drinks during the day
  • Company of a remarkable crew
  • Free digital camera photos

The warm sunbeams on your face, the sound of the breeze rushing through the trees overhead, and the forgiving earthy feel of the trail beneath your boots. Not only are these involvements pleasurable to have, but they are good for you, so get your boots and let us climb Longonot in a week’s time!