Ngare Ndare lovely aqua blue pools

Nanyuki is famous with the mwisho wa reli story, it is alleged that the railway line got terminated at Nanyuki in 1954 because the lead engineer lost the map as he indulged in fun with the town’s women. The town was named mwisho wa reli (end of rail), the plan was to connect the rail to Naivasha which never happened.

That was in 1954, the town today has so much to offer. According to the town website, it hosts a base for the Kenya Air Force and a training area for the British Army. It is the country administrative center, supply center for farms, ranches, game parks and conservancies in the region. Another key fact about the town is that it lies along the Equator.

One of the prominent attraction and nature site is Ngare Ndare, it has come to the limelight recently; perhaps due to its unique features it accords the travelers choosing to spend their day in the forest.  The Forest is located on the northern slopes of Mount Kenya. Ngare Ndare happens to be the only forest with indigenous trees in Kenya with an expanding canopy of cedar.

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While walking through the forest, you can walk on the 500m canopy platform that offers an ideal vantage point to view the forest flora & fauna and birdwatching sites for visitors and enjoy the thrill of walking on the trees canopy.

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You will enjoy the hike down to the beautiful waterfall, and you can swim in the “brisk” pools do a canopy walk! The 3.5 Kms hike is worth it as you will see the lovely aqua blue pools and as I said, you can embrace a refreshing swim. The water is very cold; ice-cold perhaps because it comes from the peaks of Mt. Kenya, as an experience you can give a shot and embrace the chill. It is presumed that the tempting turquoise water is ground water from Mt. Kenya and that forms the Ngare Ndare River that also make available water for the local communities and wildlife.

It truly is a forest of exceptional natural splendor, breathtaking sights and reverberations; and offers a thrilling and exhilarating indulgence to meet the distinctive and diverse needs of any person visiting in a way that is both memorable and fulfilling. It is an impeccable destination for the adventurous, the fearless and those simply seeking to have a good time while supporting conservation efforts in the forest.

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The package includes a forest hike, swimming under a waterfall and a canopy walk. You will spot animals in the forest and see various unique birds. With Royal Vacations, we will ensure your trip is a wonderful experience right from our departure to our way back. Did I mention that you will enjoy free photography and more importantly meet new people? I thought I should say that.

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