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The Book – 90 Days Of Courage

90 Days Of Courage Book

A thought provoking principles to living a brave, deliberate and consistent life

Last year I thought about writing a book, after writing so many articles on my blog. I wanted a new challenge. I was hesitant to write one but then, I have been sharing so much on jumping into the arena and expressing your creative genius.

I did not know how people will respond to it, I do not like being vulnerable…but I also know how valuable it is to be vulnerable. It is hard to love if you are not willing to be vulnerable. So, I convinced myself that it is okay and I should write a book. I went ahead.

So, the book is 99% over and will be up in few days. I was not sure what title I should adopt and I had a lot of problem choosing the one, I finally settled with one, ’90 Days of courage’. I wanted to write a simple book yet powerful to transform people lives.

I am eager to hold the print copy. I do not know who will be the first person to buy it. I actually do not know how I will move it into people’s hands. I am just excited about it. I will be sharing more on some of the book contents and the inspiration behind each chapter. I love people and I love seeing them excel in the things that matter to them. That is my goal in life.

So, here is to 90 days of courage. Thought provoking principles to living a brave, deliberate and consistent life. Because that is what we need in today’s modern world, being courageous.

Are you eager to read my work? Reach out with the contacts below and let me know how I can have the copy in your hands.

James Wetu

I write, to inspire, to challenge and to encourage. I will write to provoke you to think highly of yourself, to help you embrace challenges and difficulties you may encounter along your life and possibly help you turn them into lifetime opportunities.

My desire is to inspire you to pursue the things that inspire & matter to you!

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The Book – 90 Days of Courage

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Each day, life presents to us decisions and tasks that require courage to execute. Sometimes we don’t notice that at the end of the day we either lost or won based on our ability to be brave. Most of us think of courage as the ability to run into a burning building to save a child who is trapped, volunteering to do missionary work in remote and dangerous places, joining the army etc. These are certainly acts of courage but that’s not all that defines courage. Sometimes courage is being able to say no to a friend or a relationship, saying yes to a job offer, joining a rehabilitation program because you want to heal from a certain addiction, enrolling for a certain course, admitting that you are not okay and you need help, asking for forgiveness etc. Even these small steps that almost always go unnoticed matter!

The book will help you take the first action toward your purpose. It will guide you into daring greatly.

Thank you James. You are amazing. I am really grateful for all the support and love I’ve received from you. Looking forward to more

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